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» San Carlos (cont...)
Day 2

We woke up to find Mike snagging some bait size fish… Brent went down for a dive. A steady 7-8 knots South-ish wind was blowing. It wasn’t as nice as the day before, but not too bad. The boat pulled up tight to SW corner of the Island. We launched our kayaks to work the West side, while drifting North. San Pedro Island is awesome.

Uninhabited, untouched natural beauty. Every ridge, every cove was something to see. The drop off in front side of the island was pretty steep, but there was no waves crashing. I was paddling a few feet from the rocks. I kept casting swim bait tight to the rocks, retrieving while letting it sink following the bottom.

All sorts of intriguing structure on the fishfinder, with marks on it. That place is just loaded with fish. They were hitting squid strips, swimbaits, grubs… pretty much anything you dropped down. We almost had a non-stop action.

We caught nothing too big, but I’m sure there were some big’ns lurking down on the bottom We released majority of the fish we caught. We kept a couple of bigger models that Alex later turned into the best ceviche I ever had.

At one point, the birds started working maybe ½ miles out. Andy was closer and paddled towards them. Having caught my dosage of bottom fish, I was eager to venture out. Another pile of birds formed up closer to me, so I charged their way. With no protection from the island, the wind chop was nasty. The birds kept moving; I never really caught up to them. I kept working the area where I thought they hang out first, dragging rapala and the dead squid. The clicker where I had the squid soon went off. I set the hook and lil’ dorado started jumping. Sweet, there were some at the Island as well!

As I brought him under the kayak, I saw another follower. I popped my camera out and tried to get the lil’ guy on my line to go airborne for a Kodak picture moment. He was worn out. He finally charged behind me and almost jumped in my kayak, hitting the side and falling back in the water. I cut him out of his misery and put him on the stringer.

Went back in tighter to the Island. I skipped breakfast; I was starving. El Duque was anchored at the NW corner - time for me to get back in.

I borrowed snorkeling mask to check out how it looked underneath. I saw big schools of fish of all sorts of shapes and colors… Amazing.

We started heading back to San Carlos in the PMs. We were going to spend the night on the boat anchored in the slip, and head back home early in the morning.

We slow trolled, drifted, made stops to jump in the water. We even had a casting contest going on! Like kids - having pure fun and loving every minute of it.

Sunset over the San Pedro Island.

Boyz were back in town… Not much of a town, and not too many people as the season down there is just starting. A couple of places to eat & drink along the bay, thatz it. OK, there’s a strip club too but we didn’t feel like stripping that night

Some more carne asada tacos and beer…

I will definitely go back, there is no doubt about that.

Fishing is just great down there; the exotic stuff that we crave so much around here seems very much available this time of the year. Going there with a group of friends will etch it in your mind forever.

Big time thanks to Brent and OEX crew for inviting me over...

Just unforgetablambelievable!

Long drive back home… After such a trip – piece of cake.

Adi Ljubovic is a member of the OEX Pro-Staff and a contributing member of Big Water's Edge
BWE Username: Lamb

» San Carlos (cont...) by Adi Ljubovic
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