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La Jolla Report: 7/20 - Looked Promising...

I had a buddy with me, so I decided to fish the RIB. Launched into 1-2 footers around 6:45, after getting stuck in the sand. Luckly, there was a bust oar that I used as a shovel. Anyhow, the water was looking pretty clean inside the reserve; my FF registered 76 degrees, with bait surfacing everywhere, including about a dozen flying fish, so it was looking promising.

We made tons of bait within 30 minutes on the edge of the canyon; however, most were either 6" or 16", but we managed about 5 good ones.

Started trolling a mac around 8. The water was dirty green, the current was going the wrong way and there was crap everywhere; it looked like lobster season. We trolled for a few hours for nada.

My buddy wanted to fish for calicos, so we posted just outside the reserve. I tried one of those Hookup Baits for the first time and it lived up to the hype. Within an hour I caught 4 calicos, a rat yellow and a short WSB. I haven't caught a calico in a while, so I kept the two bigger ones; they went 16" and 17.5".
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Nice! Thanks for the report
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Thanks! Might head down tomorrow for my first outing at La Jolla...
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Originally Posted by Druko View Post
Thanks! Might head down tomorrow for my first outing at La Jolla...
Hit me up if you do go. Im suppose to be w a buddy on a small skiff.

Nice report!
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Those Hookup Baits catch fish. I went on a friends boat out to catalina island a few weeks back, and let me tell ya, out of the 3 of us fishing for calico, I landed double digits. Just one after the other.
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I can't believe those saltwater gitzits slay but they do
GABE<@)((((>€~~~~team ?????uuuh it's fishing
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