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kareem korn
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We went to Ejido Herendira back in August, when we arrived we noticed that all the pangas were sitting around.

Me: Mr Pangero, how come you guys didn't go out today?
Mr Pangero: There's a storm that just moved through here and yesterday we had 12' breakers so we decided to not fish today

in the background I hear a voice

background voice: so, who's launching first?

needless to say, fishing sucked.

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Happens, but if I remember right the stink might have still been on.

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Originally Posted by makobob View Post
Happens, but if I remember right the stink might have still been on.
Two fo-tees had some skunk on him? That sum beetch better never...ever complain about the skunk again...EVER.

That Ejido Herendira trip brings back a f-ing nightmare. I was about to get royally douched by a five footer and there wasn't a thing I could do about it except hold onto my hat. As the wall is upon me, I looked over at Tony and I was saying to myself "check out Tony's eyes, they're freaking wide open".... But of course he made it and I didn't...
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William Novotny
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Originally Posted by YakDout View Post
If you guys are upset about me takin the the BSB, just know that in this small town in Mexico they take about 5 a week. Usually bigger than the 120lb fish that I took and gave to the captain of our panga which he used to feed his family.
If it's legal and you are in Mexico no one is tripping. I don't think anyone was referring to your pics. In cali we support safe handling and a safe release. Usually doesn't require taking them out of the water.
"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."

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In totally cool with you following local laws. That must have fed a ton of people. If its like any of the grouper I've had, it must have been very tasty.
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I'll tell you one thing. When we fished Herendira we were hoping, praying and wishing for a BSB.

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Nutten wrong with taking bsb in mex...too bad u didn't mention mex in yer original report.
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Originally Posted by dorado50 View Post
Nutten wrong with taking bsb in mex...too bad u didn't mention mex in yer original report.
thats because he didn't post the original report. he hijacked it.
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j mo
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Im going to say 80 /90 lbs max on that bsb.....
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Originally Posted by Im bent View Post
???? I have been fishing A little longer than just yesterday... anyways there happened to be a park ranger there at that time anyway< he was pretty impressed and had no problem with me taking it back out into the water and making sure it was ok. By the time I realized what I had it was belly skidding on the sand. And of course I had to remove the hook from his lip. So how would you suggest I do that?? Besides they are kinda gamey they taste like a cross between A California condor and a bald eagle..lol So those that are hating STOP!!!

I'm not hating here, just sayin'...

1) A park ranger isn't a DFG game warden. The park ranger might not have even known what kind of fish it was, they're not required to know all of the sport fishing laws.

2) Seriously, what's the cost of a hook, $1 maximum, for such a splendid fish, dragging it up the beach isn't going to help it's health for sure. Being the kind of dedicated fisherman I am, if it was my VERY last hook, I'd still would have kept him in knee deep water, and found a way to retrieve my hook.

3) Yes, there are more BSB around than say 2-3 decades, even after some spear fishermen, and certain PBers slaughtered the species pre-1980s, but we should all try to treat them like the gem that are with as much TLC as we possibly can.
I remember as a kid in the earliest 1970s, of a couple who took their boat to Catalina for blacks routinely, and it seemed like every week, or least every other one, they had a picture in WON, of one or both of them with blacks they caught at that island.
Personally, I think the species has recovered enough in CA to allow a "once in your lifetime" catch and kept BSB. If the DFG sold tags that were good for your lifetime, nontransferable, requiring the same ID process as buying a fishing license, the DFG could make it good for your lifetime, and cost anywhere from $100 on up. Now, an additional law should be stated you must never bring/keep aboard without your lifetime tag in your possession and on you, along with proof of ID. A fine should be levied for a 1st time offense of not having your tag with you, the money going to the DFG. There should be no 2nd time offense, as you can only keep or bring aboard 1 in your lifetime. You must record and register your catch within 24 hours, so that it goes on record that you've caught your "lifetime limit". That's my 2 cents, or a few dollars in pennies.

4) Shame on you…How many California condors and bald eagles have you tasted…You do know they’re protected by law, too.

"Never say die"
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Hey what happened to the other pics in Rincon robs original post?. Something fishy here?. Deleted....why?
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