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La Jolla 9/28 Report

Headed out at 6:30 went to the pier to make bait. Caught about 8 Mackerel by 7:15 headed back to the point. Once past the mlpa I trolled a rapala got two bonito back to back. Got to my spot saw bait everywhere decided to fly line my macs got bit off by the seal 3 times and bird took my forth so decided to use flatfall. Caught bass and sculpin both legal size but released. Tried again with a fly line caught a legal bass also released. Trolled my remaining macs around no luck just more seals. However one got lit up pretty good but reeled in to soon Iím guessing bonito? One the way in trolled a rapala again and got hit along with a few others around so I decided to stay and tied up my colt sniper blue sardine color. Caught around 10 bonito instant hook ups and great battles had a blast all released. On the re entry jumped out of my kayak early chest deep in water and lost my radio but overall great day to be on the water even though there was no yellows around to play. Didnít take take much pictures but here are two
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Sounds like a fun day except the radio!!!

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Thanks for the report. BTW, as soon as I see a sea lion in the vacinity, I immediately switch to a surface iron or Rapala for the next 10-15 minuets. They typically follow your line back, sees that there is an artificial there, and move on.
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Sorry to hear about your radio, Good report and photos -- Thanks.
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Great report minus the radio. Looks like you had a barracuda comin' after your mack... almost always a short bite with the bait coming back shredded.
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