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do you guys count norcal salmon?

37lb buck from Dux Reef north of SF Oct 20

Boat pulled up in the fog and said the radio was buzzing that a great white is attacking a sea lion at the buoy so I hung a u-ee and headed back about a 10 minute ride

When I got there lunch was over but I hooked up this buck on the spot. Boats were all sitting around in a daze from the bloody show then circled the wagons when I hooked up and blasted the horns like it was new year's eve when it was in my lap

If you get in the mood for salmon come on up and bring your cameras, this fall we had a banner year on the GWs snatching fish boatside and twice breaching on fish that were being landed

I smoked this one up and packed it off to my in-laws in Beijing and it's still feeding them

p.s. from the photos it looks like some wild fishing down your way

I'll have to talk the wife into a socal yellowtail trip one of these days
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So you're sayin you fish among GW's to pull out salmon? :shock: If so, do have any pics of GW's from the yak?
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As the salmon moved up the local coastline this last season the gws started popping up from under boats and snatching the fish or just cruising the boats like they were looking for food By the end of the season it was once or twice a week and two boats had narrow misses when big sharks breached on fish in front of people leaning over the side with the net

Sharks have been stealing the fish forever but not typically gws, this year was a completely different game even just # of sightings. I've been fishing the local coastline from a yak for 30+ years and never seen anything of size, this season I crossed paths with 2 really good size sharks one 4-5 miles off of Pedro and the other only half mile off of the south end of Stinson, so it just looks like there are more of them out there

The boats that were at the buoy said the shark breached once and there was half a mammal on the surface with a big circle of blood getting bigger then a few minutes later the shark breached again and left nothing but a lung bobbing on the surface

It was fogged in otherwise I would've been able to see the second breach from where I was. I got to the spot too late for pics but anyway got the salmon in the photo. Maybe this year, that is if f&g doesn't shut down the salmon season

If you want to try for some nice salmon around Sept/Oct this is the spot

and bring the waterproof cam
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