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First Yellow at La Jolla 7/15

Decided to attempt yellowtail fishing today, for the first time ever in my kayak. Im sure someone saw me struggling to get past the waves. Rolled once and finally got on the water at 6:10am. Caught 8 green macks between 7" - 9" in 10min and had to remind my self I was fishing for yellowtail because I was having too much fun catching them. Trolled 300yds - 500yds outside the kelp for the first two hours then trolled 50yds - 100yds outside for 40minutes. I stumbled upon the tuna crab MOTHERLOAD off the SW point and as soon as I entered the horde of tuna crabs BZZZZZ!!! I hooked up on my first yellow. It pulled me around for 5minutes and then tangled itself in a ton of bull kelp... Spent 40min trying to pull it out and finally got it loose swinging my rod side to side while pulling up. Dragged it along with 50lbs+ of salad and nearly tipped over trying to cut the crap off while a seal was pestering me. Thanks to an awesome guy, Ryan, got a really good photo! Trolled back in but got nothing. Lesson learned, don't try to stand up to pee when you have a bloody deck. You'll fall. Weighed 22lbs bled but not gutted and measured 41".
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Geno Machino
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Sweet Dude!!! Congrates!
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Congrats, all your problem are nothing, when you bring that home.
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Just a Salty Sailor
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That was awesome that I got to take a pic of you and your catch, congrats! And I hope I can land one in my yak next!
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la jolla, motherload, tuna crab, yellowtail

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