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Redondo 3/15/20

Made it out with a couple of buddies.

Few small rockfish (calico/blue), tons of ocean white fish, and some blacksmith perch. had a blast, and the new kayak was good to me today, new drive had no issues. Kept some of the larger whitefish and fried the up.

experienced some wierdness with my sounder, any one know why it gets choppy when I transition a drop off?

pics of wierdness:

so far I have:
-Unplugged/replugged while on the water, temporarily fixed it, but it started again when I was coming back in, and it gets real wierd in down imaging mode.
-Reset the unit (hard reset) per the lowrance customer service rep.
-Flipped the transducer around so the point is facing forward (the video I watched had it installed backwards I think)
-Increased the pasce from the bottom of the transducer to the top side of the guardian plate from 1/16" to about ~1/8" per the kayak owner manual.

Hoping to get out and test it out this weekend, to see if its resolved.

fish pics:

little sand dab caught in 250' of water. had a nasty parasite in his gill that looked like a fat rollie pollie

This white fish hit a 130g flat fall that was half his size. lol I threw him back because he was a gangster:
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