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Mirage Drive Fixed

Afternoon fishing family. Shout out to the folks at Fastlane as they helped provide me guidance in repairing my mirage drive. Was not as easy as I thought it would be. Fixed it is.

Fishinmike and I went out this morning and launched from Kellogg’s Beach at about 615. Water was cool and calm and there was a marine layer overhead. Tide was extremely low. Went out to lower range marker where I caught my first spotty. Fish weren’t really biting on the 4 inch rubbers. Did most of my damage with Motor oil green grub. Did catch a 15 inch halibut on a root beer colored grub. Mostly worked lower range marker to Shelter Island Anchorage. Most spotties were about 8-10 inches. One was pushing 14. Breeze picked up at about 1030 as did the sailboats.

Glad we got out today as I may not get a chance again for a few weeks.

Fishinmike: 13 spotties, 1 Sandie, 2 spotties.
Bubbacee: 11 spotties, 2 sandies, 2 Lizzie’s.
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What broke, and how did you fix it??----for future reference. Thanks
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Originally Posted by f'nsabiki View Post
What broke, and how did you fix it??----for future reference. Thanks

I would like to know this too. I grease, vacuum pack and fasten small tools and replacement parts I might need on the water somewhere in the hull of my Outback that's convenient and out of the way.

[SIDENOTE: I lost the tiny clevis pin that keeps the fin in alignment on the Mirage fin post and I was dead in the water. It was a pain in the butt trying to paddle back against the wind and against the tide. The flimsy Hobie wire retaining ring that holds the clevis pin in place is a problem waiting to happen. The effect of losing that tiny clevis pin renders your drive system useless. The Hobie ring fell out for some reason. Luckily, the rubber fin didn't slip off the post and sink, but there was nothing holding it on. After replacing the lost clevis pin, I replaced those ridiculous Hobie wire retaining rings with regular split rings from my tackle box. That solution is permanently stronger. I still carry replacement pins & rings with me now because they only take about 1/2" of space, and maybe someone around me will have the same problem some day.]

Also, what do you mean by "lower range marker" in San Diego Bay? There are many kinds of markers and landmarks out there.

In the meantime, this is a good 20-page PDF guide about understanding navigation and markers on the water:
Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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F’nsabaki & Mr. Nice Guy,

My cable that is attached to the drive train broke. After 8 years it finally snapped. I thought about buying the replacement parts on Amazon but it was the same price at Fastlane where you can always count on getting great support. I looked at the other chain and it was obviously wearing so was the idler so I decided to replace all three. I am keeping the other two pieces as spares.

Take a picture of all parts as they are currently attached to your drive. I wish I had labeled each cable with a marker prior to removing. Really who looks at it closely anyway until after it breaks.

I used a 7/16 box wrench which was the easiest to use to loosen/tighten nuts. It is easier to take fins off first. Make sure you pedals are lined up in a position where your fins are straight down. When putting on my parts I learned through trial and error to place on all cables first without tightening. Idler cable last and outside the chain cables. Once all cables are on properly then put the nuts on all 6 ends. Hand tighten all 6 to start. Check to make sure none of the cables have slipped out of place and then tighten all nuts. Take this opportunity to bend fin posts back into original shape then return fins.

Spare parts and tools are a must. Paddling in from the end of the Jetty is not fun. Really missed my pedal drive. Fishinmike helped too as he towed me across the channel.

The lower range marker is on the north point of Shelter Island. The fog horn and light is located here. It’s also about where the boats slow down to 5mph prior to entering the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.

Hope this helps.
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You definitely should familiarize yourself with changing the chains and idler cable. Anticipate breaking one in the first 2-3 years of regular use, longer if regularly checked for proper tension.
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Definitely easier to attach the idler cable last.
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I replaced a drive chain on the water. Man is that tough. Drifting with the wind, head down trying to line crap up, bobbing with every bump on the surface. After 10 15 minutes I fixed it but was a bit sea sick. I always carry extra parts.
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In my case a couple weeks ago, a nylock nut came off the drive. F'd up everything. I was dead in the water and drifting over a reef with breakers. If I hadn't of had a friend nearby, I would have called the CG.

The drive was stuck and wouldn't come out even if I did have spare parts & tools. Only after I got back to shore was I able to remove it by using my fingers to simultaneously push back the locking fingers on both sides.
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That’s why a fishing partner is so important.
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