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Old 07-09-2022, 06:08 PM   #1
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La Jolla 7-8-2022 on the Solo Skiff

My trip, yesterday looking for the LJ Yellowtail started as usual launching to mixed set in the surf. There are always sets that are higher and it means a little longer in the stage zone waiting for a break in the pattern. Got on had to jump the first and the next two were building. The first crashes just before I get to it, great. The third is a wall as I get to it, so I gun the motor and as the Fish Kill bag crashes trough the wall the Solo gets full air time. Fun but a little too much air, flat landing. Searched and made bait 8x 5-6" Spanish and 5x 9-12" Greenbacks. Went around looking for good signs, but unlike the weeks before there where not so many great size fish on the FF. The sun did eventually come out to make it nicer. I guess I got my wish, in that I got to pull on something bigger but all it did was to make me even more determined! Thanks for watching!

MARK ......... 2016 MALIBU X FACTOR, 2020 SOLO SKIFF (Fishing Kayak on Steroids )
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Awesome post and report. Cancelled an international trip but still planning to take time off in the next week--looking forward to getting back out on the hunt in LJ!

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Old 07-10-2022, 11:14 AM   #3
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Nice Post

Definitely looks like a BSB- I've caught 3 in the past couple years
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I was out there yesterday running a new boat I bought and setting up the new electronics. Didn't set up the charts right so I was fishing blind, basically tried to fish the 90-120ft range. I too caught mostly spanish mack, dropped one down and caught a 20lb BSB.
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Good to see you at it again Mark. The sound was easier to hear on this one. I am taking note of your earplugs, I need to start wearing some with my 2.5hp suzuki. Looked pretty nice out there. Good to see you get some exercise pulling on a big one.
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