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La Jolla 5-23-2022 on the Solo Skiff

Had to wait for a break in the high surf and/or wind, weather pattern, so I go out as the surf is supposed to be 1'-2'. As often can be the case, it was not only higher for long stretches, it was the close intervals that made it worse. cruised around looking for bait and good FF marks. Found some great large Greenbacks and great marks on the FF, but no player, with either jigs or greenbacks on the flyline or being trolled. Strange day, could even get Calicos or Rock Fish in areas that huge bait balls and fish marks on the FF. Caught a Pelican that somehow got my Greenback that was slow trolled, with 60+ yards of line behind the Solo Skiff. I've had it happen a few years back on my Hobie Revo 13, it was not fun and in trying to get that Pelican, I got a nasty cut on my finger from it hitting me with the end of it's beek. So this time I made sure to have things, such as rod holders between me an it. I came out ok, it came out ok, the rod I was using, not so much.

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Congrats on taking care of the pelican!

I was out yesterday - had a solid bite and threw some surface irons at something crashing the surface but no joy. A LOT of squid getting coughed up by the Calico that were loving my jigs.
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Looked a little more sporty on the launch Mark. Sorry to hear about the rod tip breaking -- pesky Pelicans! One more trip closer to success with an exotic...
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