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After 23 years of kayak fishing I am slowing down and have not been able to kayak fish much lately. But walked down at Scripps this morning. It was an amazing morning. Up by Blacks there was a huge spot of birds diving on bait. the spot must have been 100 sq. yards, and was going off for at least 30 min. Off the Shroom house there were about 50 dolphins thrashing on bait. Closer to the pier there were several seals porpoising along. South of the pier there were tons of pelicans diving. There was so much sea life it was amazing. More life than many places in Baja. We are so lucky to have access to this gem. Appreciate it every day and take care of the resource. I can't wait to get back out there!
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After reading your post on Sunday, I decided to go North after launching instead of more West or South as i usually do. So Monday morning I went towards the pier to find bait, that has been hard to land lately. Found small bait crashing but no larger macs in the mix, hell they didn't even add to the graphics on the FF. Finally found some while making my way across the deep canyon to get further South towards the 1/2, decided to trolls slow over depths of 260' and had a weight with the 13" greenback mac near the bottom. This time I put a trailing treble hook to the circle hook at the nose of the mac. Worked great finally got picked up and pulled around and had full drag on the Avet singing at times. After around 6 minutes and pulling it up but never got it to color the 40 lb fluorocarbon that was about 4 1/2'-5' long now was only about 24" long and had a couple small nick/slashes on the end were it broke. I guess it might have been a large shark had strength and head shakes. Fun just to get the feel and sound of the braid and Avet drag scream.
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Good story. Glad you hooked up. That is the area where two of the biggest kayak Yt in LJ of all time were caught several years ago. Not the quantity of the point area, but definitely have the chance at the larger models.
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