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Paddling and Camping Spots on the Coast

This has probably been covered but looking for coastal campgrounds with good launches/accessible fishing. Live in Hermosa and tired of LA. I see that there arenít any current options for getting my kayak to Catalina so shifting to look mainland. Say Pismo to San Diego. Thanks!
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If you want to kayak fish Catalina, there are three option that I know of.

1)----Rent a kayak at Avalon. They are slow so beginners can use them. If the rental places are even open now.

2)---Go through a lot of trouble and expense and ship your kayak via cargo ship to Avalon.

3)--Buy a Hobie inflatable kayak and take it on the Catalina Express to Catalina.

There are other issues with #3 as well.

I can post them later if you wish to know how I did and plan to do it again.
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This is old, but worth checking....


Seems like google says there are a few Campgrounds with beach access. If it's anything like Florida, the sites get reserved a year in advance.

Good luck
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Leo carillo State Beach, Refugio, and El Capitan. Leo Carillo has some really solid fishing year round, but I am not sure of the park status right now. It was ravaged by the Malibu fire last year. Refugio is solid campsite and so is El Capitan. The fishing has gone down hill after the rupture of the oil line is my understanding though. It was an ecological disaster. There are some really nice campsites down south also. Mission by the Bay and San Onofre are ones that comes to mind. San Onofre is an advanced launch. Good luck.
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