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Originally Posted by govomit View Post
Ok that's it, this is the final straw! No more risking my life close to this poisonous soup!

Going in the Sierras for clean streams and farmed trout. Or just to Vons...
Safety FIRST.
camp grounds are closed until june according to grant lake manager.
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Originally Posted by Pocoloco View Post
camp grounds are closed until june according to grant lake manager.
...next time I'll add <sarcasm>. Drive 400 miles for an artificial "abundance" of farmed trout? Instead of wrestling real wildlife steps from home - nah! Still prefer the local 'soup'.
Besides, I'm not too terrified by scientists - most of them are wrong most of the time
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Originally Posted by jruiz View Post
Independent of the source, the article is not very well put together. It is fair to ask, how did she pull this out of her ass? Here is her CV if you want to take the time to review her credentials and past research.


It turns out shes been studying this phenomenon as far back as 2018. The article below describes a particular experiment where they concluded that fatty/waxy membranes of bacteria and viruses is what helped them come to the surface of the water and aerosolize.


The publication below describes the technique she used to detect microbes in aerosolized sea water.


And if you're still in doubt, here's a "reliable" source


Do your own fact finding then decide for yourself what you want to believe. Go beyond one source and really look at the data.
great share
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So just checking in on this one, I’m looking for all of the articles about massive spikes in coronavirus deaths from all of us going to the ocean. Can’t seem to find any, hmmm
”The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
~Thomas Jefferson.........maybe
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