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PSA since it's fresh in my mind... Getting tossed

I took the (really not-so-) new scupper pro out for the first time over the holiday.

Right after launch I was rigging everything up and scooted up to the hatch to grab something... That's a surprisingly narrow kayak...
I barely shifted to one hip and it *tossed* my ass in.
Didn't flip. Didn't lose anything.... Well, maybe a bit of dignity.

You can always count on a friend to have their camera out at the right time

It was a good reminder though-

That was my first time having to get back in a kayak in deep water...
Mind you, I swim over a mile every other day. Days I'm not swimming, i'm lifting. I'd like to think I'm in decent shape.

I also know to belly/butt/legs/feet.

It also took me *seven* tries to get back in. Most times I just ended up getting thrown over the other side once I was bellied up. This was also with a friend holding the bow line to stabilize the boat.

NRS chinook with full pockets and a radio attached is basically a grappling hook, and it's remarkably difficult to get the life vest past the side of the boat. Paddle bungeed on the kayak is a great place for it to find purchase. As is a gaff.

I had read it here a few times. I see it in Kayak Angler magazine regularly.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal until it happened to me.... when I'm on the ocean, it's hard for me to remember to even sip some water or eat a snack, as I want to get as much fishing time in as possible.

Just a reminder that it's a great idea to intentionally flip your kayak a time or two just to know what it's like. My spill was under ideal circumstances, and even at that it was both disorienting and challenging to figure out.
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Great post.

It's also a good idea to carry a bilge pump. I've seen stories of people flipping the yak and then filling it with water and its no longer stable. I've also been there last year when it happend to someone in our group. The kayak was no longer rideable once it filled.

This is in addition to all other safety items of course.
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Originally Posted by ProfessorLongArms View Post
NRS chinook with full pockets and a radio attached is basically a grappling hook, and it's remarkably difficult to get the life vest past the side of the boat. Paddle bungeed on the kayak is a great place for it to find purchase. As is a gaff.
Having some experience with this I can say that the "fishing" style PFDs do create added difficulty with deep water re-boarding. My next one will be a comfortable lightweight model without the bulging front pockets.

X2 on the bilge pump...this can become necessary with heavier surf launches and heavy chop even if you don't flip.
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I found that the easiest way to re-enter my PA14 is to go over the bow straddling the boat like a surfboard, then working my way back to the cockpit where I can flip over and re-seat myself. I also discovered how much a PFD gets in the way - actually easier to remove it in the water and toss it under the rear bungies, then enter. One of the first things I figured out when I first bought it. Second was taking it into the surf to see how lousy it performed...
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Everyone should jump in involuntary and work themselves back in. Obviously do this with help in case not 2 miles out solo.🙄
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One thing to remember also, when you get tossed, immediately head for your kayak. Wind can cause your kayak to drift faster than you can swim with a PFD.
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That's a good common sense reminder. Thanks!

I sat on a hook once that launched me out of my Outback kayak with remarkable ease, LOL. It was completely unexpected. The kayak didn't flip and nothing was knocked overboard but me.

I'm an Old Fart and I didn't think I had that much adrenaline spring action left in my butt at this ripe old age. It was fast, and as slick as a whistle!
Another ho-hum day in Paradise
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It can be a lot easier if you carry one of these. As mentioned above while wearing a PFD it is a lot harder to climb back in. The last thing you want to do is remove your PFD. I have one on my Revo and made one out of nylon rope and a small piece of PVC that I carry in my Malibu X Factor. The self made one cost me nothing the real self rescue step came with a Jackson Cuda 14 I won from a HOW raffle a few years ago, so that also cost me nothing. If you want to buy one OEX has them for $49.95.
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