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2019 Central Coast Opening Week

Andy and I headed north of San Simeon into Big Sur just after the 2019 Central Coast Rockfish opener and hopes were to target jumbo rockfish and big lingcod on the Central Coast. We were able to dodge a couple of waves and paddled out to some deep water on our fishing kayaks and fill the tanks with heavy vermillion rockfish and caught and released a bunch of Lingcod. The limit for Lingcod was reduced to 1 for 2019 here on the Central Coast, so a lot of Catch and release was happening but that was fine.

Started the morning tossing the 6 and a half inch Big Hammer Swimbait in Halloween which is one of my favorite color swimbaits for rockfish and lingcod, reminds me of those pesky gopher rockfish that I think these lingcod just love. Also had a 5inch white glow swimbait on the top hook. Switched it up to a Lingcod jig halfway through the day and was still having a steady pick for sure. Easy limit and back to shore just after lunchtime.

surf was up a little bit making things a little bit sketchy coming in between big boulders but we somehow managed. I will let the video and pictures do the rest of the talking.

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Team Central Coast Kayak Fishing

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Saba Slayer
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Beautiful quality Reds...great job...!
Those big beauties make our local fish look tiny...
Jim / Saba Slayer

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That looked like an awesome day! I always wanted to try Big Sir area when I pass by on my way up to Still Water Cove... where about did you guys launch from?
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Nice Vermillions! Beautiful day, Good video action and report! Thxs.

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Man, that's awesome. Cant wait to get back up there - unfortunately it will probably be at the next Slam Down...
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wow, nice fish. I have got to make a trip up the coast for some of those fatties
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Awesome way to go
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Now those are some full game clips!

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Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
Now those are some full game clips!
....and that would be impressive on a cattle boat! Well done OP! :applause:
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Fun day! How deep did you guys fish?

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central coast, kayak fishing, rockfishing

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