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Yuma / river bass Qs

I’m considering trailering my boat out to Yuma / Colorado river for Labor Day weekend. I generally only fish freshwater bass 1-2 times a year. Does anyone have any recommendations for that area with a boat? What lakes, area of river would be good to fish? What should I look for on the river that would be promising for fish? What kind of lures, jigs are you guys throwing out there this time of year? Any info would be great, thanks in advance
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It’s a good spot. There usually good grass in there this time of year. If you never been, be fair warned that it is a shallower part of the river system and the sand bars move around a lot. The river itself has strong currents, the lakes not as much. I always put in at Fisher’s Landing. There are two lakes right there on the river, Lake Martinez and Lake Ferguson. I personally like Ferguson a little better. Wacky rigs and shakeyheads are good baits as well as jigs and tubes. Early morning topwater right next to the tullies and flukes are great. I love throwing jerkbaits as well. One of the best colors for me is Red Bug. I like throwing the Yum Dinger Thumper worm on a shakeyhead and also watermelon red is a good color. The water is usually pretty clear, but make sure to have braid with a fluoro leader due to the tullies and grass.

There are some really nice fish in that area of the river. I’ve seen 7-10lb females during the spawn on beds and had the privilege of catching quite a few 4-5lb class fish out of there. However the average size fish I usually catch is about a 1.5lb. Good luck and stay safe out there
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There are no fish in the river. You're better off in Mittry or Senator's Wash.

Post how it went being on the river during a long weekend on a kayak.

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