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SD Bay and Calicos

Fishinmike and I got out on SD Bay this morning at about 6:15. Sky was gray and there was a light breeze. Much to my disappointment my favorite launch (Kellogg Beach) had added hazards. It looks like someone dumped old concrete debris and bricks to make it difficult for yakers and paddle boarders to launch. Hopefully the Port of San Diego will clean it up. Spoke to one of their maintenance guys so will cross my fingers and call the Port this week.

Water was comfortable. Took off to the lower range marker to test my Penn Pursuit LE 3. Caught a spottie and a Lizzie right off the bat. Then went cold. Fishinmike went across to North Island so I crossed to fish near him. Followed the drift out and did not hit gold until I drifted by the ammo pier. Picked up a toad Sandie and then a toad spottie. Kept drifting out to the Jetty. Then went nuts on the Calicos. Went with the green and had a blast. Wind picked up and it was a long trek back.

Out with my bro, watching a pod of dolphins, catching fish. Was a good day.

Fishinmike - 1 toad sculpin and 2 Lizzie’s. Glad I didn’t buy those $8 lures at Fred Hall.

Bubbacee - 7 Calicos, 4 Spotties, 1 Sandie, 1 Mack, and 3 Lizzie’s.
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Nice report. Thanks for the info!
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Unfortunately, that beach is eroding rapidly. At high tides, there is no beach any more. You launch on the stairs.
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Sounds like it was a good day for you, nice fish.
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Was watching Robert Field video on YouTube. He was fishing in Virginia for snakeheads episode 4. The dock had a ramp with rollers. Load yak on ramp, grab the railing and roll right into the water. Looks trick! Need a few in Diego. Probably would need too many votes, environmental studies, blessings from the Bishop and a new football stadium. Oh forget it!
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