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Pyramid lake report

Well after months of planning and preparation to head down to makoville for the last week of October, which is my favorite trip of the year, we were greeted with extremely windy forecasts for the vast majority of the trip and decided to head north instead of south.

Sean Garcia and myself packed up the fly rods and the cold weather gear, and put the swimming trunks and SPF 70 away. We left Los Angeles at about 1 am on Saturday morning and shot straight up to pyramid lake outside Reno. The plan was to camp but nighttime temps getting to about 1 degree F, we decided on a cheap hotel instead.

We spent 6.5 days of fishing and boy was it an epic trip. The cold weather system that was moving through really had the fish in shallow and on the chew.

We had 8 to 10 fish days every day until the weather finally warmed up and the fish pushed back into deeper waters on the final couple days before we left.

Highlight of the trip ended up being the very first fish I hooked on Saturday right when we got to the lake, scaled at 16lbs before the net broke

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HOLE S&*$ Batman those are some EPIC fish!

Mark F.
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That looks like some real fun fishing that Iíve never tried! Cool shit
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Outstanding trip if you ask me.
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O! M! G! Those are huge.
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The trout in the Eastern Sierra are a snack to these things
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summers in kuwait
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What a great trip and report. Those pictures are awesome. Some quality fish!
Thanks for sharing!
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Great photos! nice report, Thanks!
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That chair/ladder combo looks dope. Did you buy that or make it yourself?

Id love one for surf fishing the bay in Baja.
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Those monster Cutthroat are legendary! Way to salvage the days off!
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Saba Slayer
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Incredible...They are so big they don't even look like trout...Great Job saving your vacation time in an epic way...!
Jim / Saba Slayer

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