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"Wade if you have made it this far, if you are planning to meeting a fishierman at the launch and you see a truck with a "turn in your WSB heads" bumper sticker on it parked in the frist spot you might consider that your partner for the day might already be out to sea. "

ya,.... but i didnt want to be "that guy" with a giant monster on my lap launching before our meeting time and passing u on your way out, on my way in!!!

I was only going by our plan the night before when we talked on the phone..That was why i asked is 5am cool with you and not earlier? I cant see a neon stop sign in the middle of the night, let alone someones vehicle with my motor skills just warming up! i actually ended up waiting almost two hours for you and then decided to finally launch and ultimately miss out on those Haloween Ghosts!....

Every corner I turned their was hurdle today..My yak almost drowned today and the hull filled 50% with water right after you left too...
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