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In response to PMs, to clarify rules/point system:

10# is the minimum weight eligible for submission of either (YT, WSB, halibut).

A 10# halibut is worth 30 points + 1 point for each pound over 10,
a 20# yellowtail is worth 30 points + 1 point for each pound over 20,
a 30# wsb is worth 30 points+ 1 point for every pound over 30.

5 bonus points will be added to each submitted fish that is caught on an artificial lure. If fish is caught on dead or live squid or other bait hanging on the artificial lure, it's not eligible for 5 bonus points.

10 point bonus is an option for all submitted fish caught during the Big Waters Edge/WhiteSeabass Tournament and Steve Moyer Memorial Tournament. Participation in the tournament as well as prior registration in WCW is required.
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