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38lb Halibut Newport

Went out with a friend to test out some new products I've been working on and do some rock-fishing out of Newport harbor and ended up coming back with my PB Halibut. About 1.5 miles out had a double dropper loop with a scampi tipped with octopus and a 1/0 hook with octopus. Got slammed and rod bent knew i had something big on, felt the head shakes and started peeling drag on my Avet SX raptor. Had 40lb test from the last time I went fishing which I didn't bother to change and held up perfectly. After a short run I tighten down the drag and used the two speed for the first time and winched it in. Crazy how much easier the two speed made it as I was in some pretty deep water. Brought it to color and gaffed it on my first shot. Checked what it got hooked on and it was the scampi. Crazy day and my personal best fish on a kayak and best halibut. Perfect conditions and saw some whales and dolphins and was great day on the water. Check out the new products I've been working on at
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