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Launched in the dark to nice flat waters with a very light breeze. I decided to bring some hoopnets with me to see if the afternoon bugs wanted to play. Motored my way to my spot and found some bait in about 100' of water, dropped the sabiki and went instant bendo as soon as it hit the school, pulled up two monster macs. Once I had enough bait for the nets I dropped them and proceeded to make some more bait to fish with, I had mixed batch of spanish and greenbacks with the occasional sardine, made about a dozen pieces within 30 minutes.

Dragged bait around for several hours with only one bite from a small Mako, I really hate those things, I lost my entire rig to that stupid shark. As far as the hooping goes, I ended up with two medium-large spider crabs, took them home, cleaned them and made a crab boil for my mom, my sister and I; spider crabs, shrimp and potatoes.......nothing fancy.

Hope the fishing picks up soon, this was my second trip with nothing more than a bite from those fricken sharks.

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