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La Jolla - 6/9/19

Been a while since I have posted anything. Went out on Sunday. Launched a little before first light. Surf was tiny and the conditions were nice. Bait was pretty easy to make with the light. Had a nice mix of greenbacks and some jack macs. Met up with Mikey near the kelp and caught up. Good to see you're doing well man!

Flylined on the inside looking for biscuit, then worked the sand for a bit. Had one large bite on the bottom, but ended up with a shredded mac.... no trap hook.

Late morning, I decided to go out and get a ling. A little West of the Southwest corner I get hit on the flyline. After a short back and forth, I pulled up a decent yellow. Fish was loaded with crab.

Reel:Avet SX G2 Two Speed
Rod: Lamiglass Tri-flex
Line: 65 lb power pro to 30 lb fluoro (spro swivel)
2/0 J hook. all knots: San Diego Jam
Bait: Greenback

Here is some footage from that trip as well as some recent outings!

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