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CCA CAL Mity Might Invitational

The Coastal Conservation Association of California along with Dana Landing, Hobie, Master/Rody, and Hookup Baits sponsored a Fun tournament in Mission Bay yesterday...It was a fishing industry invitational tourney to thank some of our sponsors and it was really enjoyed by all.
This event was a different format from most other tourneys. We could only use stock out of the box Mity Might rods and reels spooled with China's finest mono. These set-ups and some extras for the collateral damage...were donated by Pat at Master/Rody. Each participant was also given a set of 9 Hookup Baits in 3 sizes from 1/16oz. to 1/4oz. along with a small bottle of scent donated by Chad and JoJo at Hookup Baits. That was other terminal tackle or gear allowed...
The team from Hobie brought down a trailer full of fully rigged kayaks, and many of the anglers only had to show up with their license and sunglasses... LOL!
There were 9 teams...
The Hobie Googans, Master/Mity Might Mafia, CCA Cedros Compadres, Hookup Baits Holigans, Spotty Illuminati, “Really”…Salty Crew, Let’s Talk Hookup Radio Renagades, Sandy Eggo Anglers, and a last minute team from Dana Landing.

Steve Pinard from Dana Landing and a big supporter of CCA CAL, put some
Tri-Tip on the Traeger grill that morning and by 1 pm we were having spicy tuna (Bonito) and poke (Bonito) as appetizers with some great Tri-Tip sandwiches and potato salad for lunch. Thanks Steve......and THANKS for the use of your 21' Parker CC as a safety tournament boat...!!!

We used the iAngler app for another easy smart phone CPR (catch, photo, release) tourney with three categories...biggest bass...biggest "other fish" (no rays or sharks)...and a team division with the teams three longest fish counting as a total. Sondra Mote was our judge at the computer and she did an outstanding job with so many fish being submitted.
You can go to the iAngler Tourney site to see the leaderboard and the results. It's a really cool system and I'm looking forward to using it again at the next 4 Battle of the Bays Tourneys.

Kevin Nakada Caught the biggest Bass (14.75" Spottie) and Chad caught the largest "other fish" (20" Cuda).

Team Hookup won the Team division and took home the Golden Rod award.
The Sandy Eggo Anglers Team was second and the Hobie Googans were third... although the Hobie guys were winning most of the day until the very last hour when Chad caught two short Cuda and took over 1st place for team Hookup Baits. Watching the leaderboard develop during the day was another fun aspect of using the iAngler app.

As usual Wayne Kotow our CCA CAL executive director did a great job of coordinating the event and pulled together a few volunteers to help... especially from the San Diego Anglers club....THANKS!
CCA CAL has a stock of about 40 of these Mity Might setups for future events...this was just a test and it was a home run...Brent and Andy...let me know when you guys want to put one of these small informal event together...either in Mission Bay or at the Sunset Beach location.
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