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It’s a good spot. There usually good grass in there this time of year. If you never been, be fair warned that it is a shallower part of the river system and the sand bars move around a lot. The river itself has strong currents, the lakes not as much. I always put in at Fisher’s Landing. There are two lakes right there on the river, Lake Martinez and Lake Ferguson. I personally like Ferguson a little better. Wacky rigs and shakeyheads are good baits as well as jigs and tubes. Early morning topwater right next to the tullies and flukes are great. I love throwing jerkbaits as well. One of the best colors for me is Red Bug. I like throwing the Yum Dinger Thumper worm on a shakeyhead and also watermelon red is a good color. The water is usually pretty clear, but make sure to have braid with a fluoro leader due to the tullies and grass.

There are some really nice fish in that area of the river. I’ve seen 7-10lb females during the spawn on beds and had the privilege of catching quite a few 4-5lb class fish out of there. However the average size fish I usually catch is about a 1.5lb. Good luck and stay safe out there
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