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Yes...I lost my stock Hobie paddle while fishing Lake Havasu and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I bought a Bending Branches angler paddle to replace it and the performance was so much better. I can actually paddle my Hobie Outback now. It yielded a massive improvement in capability for entering and exiting the surf which was especially appreciated.
Which model did you get and what year Outback do you have? The newer (at least 2017)come with much lighter paddles than the older ones. That being said, the drive on my 2017 Outback broke Saturday and I STRUGGLED to paddle in against the wind & swell. It was dangerous as the wind blew me over a reef with breakers as I tried to diagnose the drive problem. If I can get a new paddle that makes it significantly easier I will. How does one select the correct length paddle?

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