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Originally Posted by WCW Moderator View Post
Nothing wrong with entertaining 20/30/40 as minimum weights.
What about a Fly Fishing Division? I need an excuse to Finish my 10 weight rod (Scott Heli-ply Classic) and try out my new 12 weight Sage. Just finished my 8 weight Scott Heli-Ply.

Or how about bonus points for liteweight line class catches. (It would probably have to be on the 'honor' system.

If not this year maybe next year. (I should have my new Hobie by then and hopefully had and recovered from back surgery).

Congrats to everyone that participated and placed I know it took a lot of time on the water (or knowledge) to put up some of those points.
Special congrats to Sharon for showing that women 'can' fish with the men and can set a standard too. Might get more interest from our girlfriends and wives to show that they can compete with 'the boys' and have a chance (make it easier to justify the $ we spend on our toys if we can get them interested or understand our passion).

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