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DP 08-25 report

Took another guest out today. Water started off real calm, was 72.2 degrees and once out in deeper water was fairly clean.

We grabbed a tank of smallish sardines and this time headed north towards the point and a little past. stopped on a couple of rock beds that used to hold kelp and caught a keeper Sand bass, a couple of shorts and a couple of undersized White Seabass.

Then headed a little past the red buoy to a couple of ex-kelp rock piles. there was a good amount of Calico bass willing to bite so we drifted around and caught about 20 shorts and a couple of mackerel before heading further north. We caught a couple of small Sandies and Calicos. Decided to go try shallower water but it got real rough and there wasn't anything there that wanted to bite. So we headed back to the area we had some success with but the bite had died. So we decided to head back to the harbor.

No pics, forgot the phone.
So long and thanks for all the fish...
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