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Exclamation Policing other people's kayak fishing reports on BWE

Just a reminder on the rules of the game - pulling up an old notice:

There's been a couple of very cool reports from BWE members who ended up deleting them because of the slack and intimidation they got from other forum member(s).

This is not cool, this is not acceptable, and it has to stop.

BWE is a public forum. We will not tolerate any member(s) trying to be policing the content on BWE when it comes to fishing reports. Whether you decide to post your fishing report or not is your thing; all the power to you. We will not allow you to impose your views to other BWE members either via public responses on their thread or via PMs.

We encourage everyone who may be getting these intimidating PMs after posting to report such users to forum moderators (BWE, BWE Moderator, Iceman, Lambadmin, Stevoo). We'll issue a temporary ban on such user account. If the user in question continues with these actions, we will permanently ban the account / IP address from accessing

Thanks for your support.

BWE Moderators Team
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