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Originally Posted by TheBentRod View Post
and he is a master at dead stick!

all jokes aside, do you use same setups in shallow or up to 80 feet? do you try to stick to straight routes?

I am probably the most unorthodox fisherman you will ever meet...........40', 60', 150'............I have been fishing the same setup for many, and I mean many years, I fish 65# spectra, 40# mono or fluoro and an 8oz sinker.

If you were to look inside my kayak tackle box you'd find nothing more than a small roll of 40# fishing line, hooks (J, circle and treble) and a bunch of 8oz sinkers. Well, that and a snickers wrapper and some other items that I'd prefer to not mention. Every so often I might toss a mega bait or a flat fall jig or maybe even cast some iron but its rare. I've been pretty successful with the same setup so why change it?

I see a lot of guys get frustrated when they're not catching what they're looking for, they will throw every lure that they have in the water. When I'm not catching I take that as an opportunity to scout out other locations.
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