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Originally Posted by FISH11 View Post
Hi Todd, I saw your video earlier today on the tube channel and loved it. Funny the scenario you described of the areas covered were similar to what I covered on Tuesday except for the large fish landed. Made plenty of mixed bait and had the same idea of hooking a biscuit. Instead caught several Calicos and a nice one 4-5lbs all were released. I also noticed they spit out red crabs, that's been the same for quite some time and provably why the fishing has been so spotty. Thanks again for sharing. Hoping for better results tomorrow.
Right on Mark. Hope all is well. Thanks for the comment. I'll see you on the water!

Originally Posted by fourtogo View Post
Nice video music also was good

Originally Posted by remi-remi View Post
How do you like the G2? Was thinking about getting one for the increased drag
I do like the G2. The increased drag is nice, as well as the ratcheting guide plate like the Raptor series has.
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