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Originally Posted by whereubinh View Post
Just recently upgraded my fish finder on my hobie and found out that the transducer did not fit into the hobie lowrance ready hull. I tried a couple of diy on youtube to add an extension to the provided adapter and tried to attach it to the existing lowrance ready cover but it cause the tranducer end to stick out of the back of the cover. When the cover was tighten down, it crushed the end of the transducer and I didn't think it was a good idea to keep it liek that. I Came up with a pretty solid solution to mount the transducer so that it fits completely in the transducer slot using my 3d modeling skills and a 3d printer. I put in a giant open to provide maximum water flow and to prevent sand from being trapped inside the cover. I was getting tired of having to flush all the sand out after every use as the sand builds up greatly and falls all over my car roof when transferring. If anyone needs something similar for their garmin transducer, lmk. I can help out. This diy could've came out really bad if I didn't have access to a CAD software or a 3d printer.
very cool solution.

Originally Posted by 2013outback View Post
Needed a cutting board and saw someone post on this thread a similiar idea, hope you donít mind my take on it🤙🏽 Cheers. Have more mods coming up too will be posting soon as I start to learn to use this forum. Iím in Newport Beach and new to kayaking but if anyone is in the area shoot me a dm and letís exchange numbers and meet up. Thanks guys, this forum is rad, glad stumbled upon it🤙🏽
cool, does that render your hatch unusable?
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