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Paying Taxes
This album contains partial catches due to taxation by other predators.
Amberjack with taxes paid to a Barracuda
Shark Chomped Almaco Jack
Speed jigging Cuda intercepted by a shark on the way up.
Vertical jigged Amberjack
If it were not for 100lb braid, probably would have lost it all.
Almaco Jack was cut in half by a Barracuda.
Wire stinger rig bit off on large blue runner bait.  Most likely the work of a shark.
A Great Barracuda chomps the propeller off a Little Tunny before I can reel it in.
Originally suspected a billfish, but based on the scarcity of billfish and the repeated reports of Wahoo chasing hooked Blackfin, probably the...
Yellowtail Snapper Taxed
Risk of landing a Blackfin Tuna near a wreck.
Angry Hammerhead banging against kayak after pulling Wahoo onboard.
Taxed Almaco Jack
Taxed Yellow Jack
Sharked Little Tunny
Limit of King Mackerel taxed by Barracuda
Almaco Jack Taxed
Sharked Almaco Jack
Sharked Little Tunny
A Baracuda malled Little Tunny
A sharked Jack Crevalle
Not much left of this Almaco Jack
Taxed king mackerel
Bite radius indicates an apex shark
Spawning AJ's sometimes attract sharks waiting for an opportunity.

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