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Kayak Fishing
Photos taken while kayak fishing
Boynton Beach Almaco Jack
Happiness is a Wahoo !
The 8th Catch Photo Catch and Release Amberjack(smallest) of the day of a good workout!  Note this fish had a chunk of it's gill plate cover missing...
#7 of * Catch, Photo and Release Amberjack
Amberjack # 6 of 8
5 of 8 - oops, water splashed on camera lens
#4 of 8 Catch Photo Release Amberjacks
Number 3 or 8 catch  photo and release
#2 of 8 Catch photo and release Amberjacks
One of eight Catch, Photo, and Release Amberjack, taken on a speed jig - 23 April 2016
Always stoked to get a Mahi off the kayak!
2017 Flashback,    71.9lbs of Wahoo pulled onboard tail first.
First King Mackerel using on a Ribbonfish as bait.
Mutton snapper took on the downrigger with a slow-trolled goggle-eye.
A curious Remora learned about spear gaffs.
Double hookup! -  King Mackerel on a vertical jig and Sailfish hooked on the right side live bait rod.
Aggressive Blue Runner bit off the tail of my ballyhoo and got hooked on the stinger hook.
Yellow Jack on a speed jig.
African Pompano on a speed jig.
Atlantic Bonito on a Slow Pitch Jig.
Little Tunny - AKA False Albacore, Floridians call these bonito as the Atlantic Bonito is less common down here.
Yellow Jack All lit up!
Amberjack on a speed jig off Dania Beach, Florida
Sunrise Wahoo off Boynton Beach
Gaffing a King Mackerel

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