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Double Headers on a Jig
Vertical jigging double hookups while on the kayak.
Double Header of Almaco Jacks
Williamson Abyss speed jigging for double Almaco Jacks
Double header of Little Tunny while speed jigging.
Double Header of Little Tunny on the top 2 hooks of the jig.
Another 2 on one jig of Amberjack....on the same wreck, with the same school of fish that produced 2 doubles over a month ago!
An Amberjack and a small Almaco Jack
Second of two double headers on Amberjacks.
First of two Doubleheaders on Amberjacks.  It pays to use multiple hooks on a jig while ripping it through a school of hungry Amberjacks.
Double Little Tunny on a slow pitch jig
Dual Almaco Jacks - Speed Jigging
Barracuda and Almaco Jack on the same jig.
Triple-header of Blue Runners
Double Little Tunny on a slow pitch jig.
Another doubleheader of Almaco Jacks on the speed jig.
A Yellow Jack and Little Tunny taken while trolling a Yozuri Crystal Minnow.
Double Little Tunny -- untangling one tail looped on the leader, while the other one to the right awaits to be brought in on the jig.
Center is blow-up of lower left.  On the bottom are two Little Tunnys on one jig.  Above is a bull Mahi, that was chasing the hooked fish, trying to...
Double Baby Amberjacks
Dual Almaco Jack ( one hooked looking at it) - Speed Jigging
Dual Almaco Jacks - Slow Pitch Jigging
Dual Blackfin Tuna - Slow Pitch Jigging
Dual Almaco Jacks - Speed Jigging
Amberjack and Almaco Jack - Speed jigging
Dual Blue Runner - Speed Jigging
Dual Bigger Almaco Jackes - Speed Jigging

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